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IMG Furnishings - International Möbel Group

IMG ReclinerInternational Möbel Group (IMG) aims to offer a combination of American casualness and European design and refinement. With their Scandinavian base and heritage they develop and produce comfortable furniture solutions for daily use. Cold cure molded foam technology and wood lamination are two examples of typical Norwegian and Scandinavian techniques and innovations that they master and utilize to create their unique furniture.

Their vision is to create and deliver products that offer an exceptional combination of comfort, quality and value by combining the best of the past with a passion to continually improve.

IMG is also the manufacturer of the well known LUNA chair! Read more about this affordable and remarkably comfortable chair on our website (view the pricelist for the LUNA chair here as well).

IMG's line of furniture includes sofas, desk chairs, recliners, and easy chairs.

To view their complete line, please visit the IMG website at:

Dear Customer - Please note IMG’s website is used internationally.  Basically this means that not all items shown are stocked in all countries.

Availability in the United States?  -  The IMG  U.S. vendor has a very specific line of products that they have chosen to sell to us, their retailer.   You are invited to come in and visit our store, Nordic Home Interiors,  to “test sit”  and see the actual products we carry. If you are interested in a non-stocked U.S. item we can generally special order this for you. You probably will not  be able to actually see it at the store but many of our current  products could be very similar to what you are interested in and this will also give you a better idea.  

Measurements? -  The website does provide measurements for your reference. Please note these are shown in the international metric system using centimeters.  It is pretty simple to convert.  1 U.S inch  = 2.54 centimeters. There are also many sites on the web to convert for you.   

We look forward to helping you at the store. Nordic Home Store hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-5pm. We are also happy to open by appointment. You may reach us at 612-339-0000.

Please click on the images to view IMG's current (2011) fabric and leather samples:

IMG Fabric Samples IMG Leather Samples