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Care of Your New Rug

Rug from the Shingles Collection by Lise Skjåk Bræk.
Your rug was hand crafted using a special knotting process. The knots have been clipped and sculpted three times?during this process it is only natural that some of the fibers would fall back down into your rug’s pile. It has been washed but it is almost impossible to remove all of these loose wool fibers.

As you begin to use your rug you will notice an accumulation of these fibers, also known as fuzz bunnies. This is perfectly normal and there is not a problem with your rug. There are more loose fibers in a 60 knot, mainly because the pile is higher. Your rug will need frequent vacuuming in the first 2-3 months. This will vary according to the amount of foot traffic etc. If there is much traffic you could have lots of fuzz but for a shorter period of time. It there is not much traffic, you will have minimal fuzz, but for a longer period of time.

It is recommended that you vacuum your rug on a regular basis, perhaps at least once a week, but again depending on the amount of traffic. Proper and regular care of your rugs is essential to maintain its original texture and appearance. It can add years of life to your rugs. If not cleaned regularly, loose dirt and soils are dug deep into the rug, especially in high traffic areas, causing damage to the rug fiber and dulling their appearance. Vacuuming helps to remove dirt particles. For best results, use a vacuum cleaner with beater bars and good suction.

We recommend that you have your rug professionally cleaned minimally, about every three years. It may not look dirty to the eye but it is a good idea to have it “deep” cleaned to protect your rug’s foundation.

We feel that cleaning is best left to professionals but, if you really must try to remove a simple spot, please only use mild dish detergent with cold water. If the spot does not come out easily I’d take it to the American Rug Laundry.

Recommended steps to remove food and beverage spills:
  1. Immediately scoop up as much of the spill as possible. Then do not rub. Remove excess moisture with clean, white absorbent cloth or paper towel.
  2. Rinse the stain with warm water and blot with clean white cloth or paper towels. Press down firmly to remove as much moisture as possible. Repeat until no stain is evident on cloth or towels.
  3. If stain remains, clean the stain with a mild liquid soap and water or rug cleaner. Do not use strong detergents. When completely dry, vacuum the pile to restore texture.

These steps can be utilized when dealing with pet urine. For the alternative solution, a professional dry clean is recommended.

With proper care, your rug will last a lifetime. ENJOY YOUR NEW RUG!

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